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Businesses across Idaho began reopening their businesses in the Idaho Falls region on Saturday after a three-year hiatus.

Known as Idaho's oldest cafe, it's not just a local place to drink a coffee, but also a place where families can eat together. Sandwich Tree is located at 500 W. 17th Street and is open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. M. Saturday and Sunday. Although it has been a huge success, owner David Kempner says he has no plans to open an indoor restaurant any time soon. He told that only takeout was offered until the pandemic outbreak and that the dining room and room will open on Saturday depending on the parking situation.

If you are looking for authentic Chinese food that prides itself on service and quality, look no further. Located right on the Snake River, relax in your own living room with a glass of wine and a good meal. The fresh cuisine and unique plates paired with first-class preparations make for a unique culinary experience not to be missed. They offer a taste that you can remember, a wonderful atmosphere that makes you come back for more, and great service.

To order online, visit the website and order in person at one of the restaurants in Idaho Falls, Idaho, or in their online store.

Upon entering, it will not take long to search, but you will feel that the friendly atmosphere and delicious menus will leave a lasting impression. They offer dishes that will make your taste buds crave more and purify your senses. Stop by Stoplight Pizza and they'll put you on the right track with your pizza in the future.

Lucy knows that family is important and that it's a great alternative to fast food to keep your family growing and strong. We have been in this community for many years And it's really amazing how the community comes together and supports us, "Chapple said.

Chef Jud Wilcox and Shandi Fujimoto invite you to share Cooper's Rill's Restaurant at their new restaurant in Idaho Falls. Tom's Gyro Burger has been in business for over 20 years and serves great burgers and gyros in Boise, Boise City and Boise County, as well as being a great burger / gyro for Idaho Falls.

With over 15 years of service, we offer a Mexico themed restaurant with delicious food. We are proud to be one of the best restaurants in Idaho Falls, with great food, great service and great atmosphere.

Blue Hashi is proud of the art of sushi and when you come to the roll, you will see why, we have a worldly atmosphere. We offer the best kept secret in Idaho Falls and will always surprise you with dishes that combine with spices you never thought of. Chef Joel plans to have Idaho produce as well as local ingredients on the menu if possible.

Our pizza stands out because we prepare the dough daily and can only use fresh ingredients to deliver beautiful pizzas to our guests.

Everything is completely new and the menu never stays the same for long, but Diablas likes to keep things interesting, so he changes things.

This could be one of the challenges many restaurants face when it reopens, Leyba said. Sterilizing everything all the time would increase the work in the restaurant, Kempner said, and he didn't want to halve the seating to keep it.

Here's a look at how three restaurants in Idaho Falls plan to return to normal in the coming weeks. Whether you're looking for a date night out or just want to get out of the kitchen, we've put together the ultimate list of restaurants you should visit. Jalisco's is the place if you're looking for something more casual, a little more rustic, but still a great place to eat and drink.

The Barbican Company's pitmaster, Rob Harding, had a real start when he hosted a rehearsal dinner and received rave reviews. These ratings were from the judges of the Memphis May Cookoff, and he had another rating from a judge of the Memphis May Cookoff. To date, he has not changed anything, but invited us to taste what southern BBQ tastes like. Leyba says retailers have less traffic because they don't order as much as they normally would. The impact of the pandemic on the restaurant, which is also spreading to other business areas, will continue to be felt, she says.

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