Eastern Idaho man sent to prison for brother's manslaughter

Published 01-10-2019

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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (AP) - An eastern Idaho man has been sentenced to up to 13 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter after prosecutors said he killed his brother by hitting him with a pool cue.

District Judge Bruce Pickett said Wednesday that Cory James Hix will be eligible for parole after serving at least 2 years.

Hix, a 41-year-old from Idaho Falls, was arrested in September after he brought his brother Jeremy Hix to a regional hospital. Jeremy Hix died the next day.

Surveillance video at a local bar showed the brothers arguing at a local bar before Cory Hix hit his brother in the head with a pool cue.

Bonneville County Chief Public Defender Jordan Crane said Cory Hix's actions were a snap decision fueled by alcohol, not murderous intent.

Prosecutor Danny Clark noted that Hix had cooperated with prosecutors and described Jeremy Hix's death as an accidental result to intended conduct. Clark said the prison sentence was warranted.

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